The latest from Freqport
Freqport's innovative Freqtube FT-1 featured in SOS!

Sound on Sound magazine, The World's Best Recording and Music Technology Magazine, has featured the innovative FT1 from Freqport! Read the in-depth test-review in the February issue.

Freqport launches Freqtube - Press Release

Freqport presents the world's first platform for analog processing inside your computer - the FT1 Freqtube, a quad-instance analog tube processor. First units now go on sales!

Using vacuum tubes for more natural sound

Linear devices like vacuum tubes produce a far more natural sound and provide a much deeper emotional connection to the music. But why is that so? Read about the technology.

SuperBooth 2022 - Freqtube FT-1 pre-order launch

We presented our FT-1 on SuperBooth 2022. Freqport's cutting-edge innovation has stirred the music technology industry and raised quite an interest.