June 12, 2024
MixbusTV reviews FreqTube FT1: "One of the most fun things I got to play with recently."

Check the new, in-depth test review of FT1 FreqTube from MixBusTV: "The applications are infinite, really. Plus you can automate everything. You can control everything from the plugin if you don't want to touch the unit or vice versa... Such a cool box."

00:00 FreqTube FT1 Overview Tubes In Your DAW?

2:00 Who is the FreqTube For?

2:35 What Tubes are in the the FreqTube FT1?

3:27 The Hi Res Display And Remote Control

5:25 Modes of Use

6:15 Click and Pops and Converters

6:40 The Hub Tubes Check Status

7:30 Audio Examples: Synth

9:30 Hip Hop Beat

10:40 Drums

12:12 Guitar

13:30 Piano

14:32 Electro Loop

15:35 Bass

17:06 Rock Vocals

19:00 Full Mix Hip Hop

21:00 Mix Slow Pop