June 10, 2024
SuperBooth 2022 - FreqTube FT1 pre-order launch

We presented our FT-1 on SuperBooth 2022. Freqport's cutting-edge innovation has stirred the music technology industry and raised quite an interest.

Our very first Superbooth exhibit has surpassed all the expectations.

Superbooth is a unique event created with a purpose of a shared, collective space, where even small and starting brands have an opportunity to present the work. But even more, goal is to present a collective spirit and simply make music together. No focus on the pure brand presentation, but demonstrating what you can actually do with these spaced out instruments when connecting and combining them with each other.

After the Covid-induced pause and one outdoor event in the fall of '21, finally in May 2022 Superbooth was able to come back to all the beloved music enthusiasts. SUPERBOOTH22 became an incredible and intense experience over three days with many moments of friendship under like-minded users and a solid appearing synth community.

Analog Reinvented!

Our cutting-edge innovation in the form of FT1 has managed to stir the music technology industry and raise quite an interest.

As the world's first digital processing unit combined with analog processing tubes, the innovative FT1 FreqTube product utilises multiple high quality vacuum tubes in a unique controllable analog circuit that amplifies and modifies the harmonic characteristic of the signal passing through it.

You can check the full FT-1 video demo:

Video used with permission. Copyright Sound On Sound magazine 2022 https://soundonsound.com