June 12, 2024
The best of both worlds - analog tube audio with 100% digital control and workflow

What if you could get four channels of real tube sound into your digital workflow without breaking the bank? Is it worth the trouble (and the money), or might as well just use plug-ins? Stefan Kengen has all the answers.

Stefan Kengen, a versatile recording professional from Short Circuit Productions, delivers a comprehensive demo presentation of the FT1, after brief explanation of a tube’s workflow and how tubes actually work. The video showcases the features and capabilities of the FreqTube FT1, including its quad analog tubes and multi-instance hardware running.

Ft1's capabilities are shown across various audio sources, including the kick drum, snare drum, bass guitar, vocals, stereo drum loop, and the master bus. The video also highlights the difference between tubes and plugins and potential benefits of the Ft1 for musicians, producers, and audio engineers.

According to a review on gearnews.de as Stefan highlights it, the FreqTube FT1 is an "absolute surprise" with a convincing sound result.

Overall, Stefan provides a comprehensive overview of the FT1 and its potential applications in the music and studio equipment industry.  

You can check the whole video bellow: