June 10, 2024
Unveiling the Future of Music at NAMM: Our Experience with FT1

At NAMM 2023, we unveiled our innovative FT1 to the rest of world, and received an overwhelming response from music enthusiasts, professionals, and industry leaders. The event saw a wave of visitors eager to explore FT1's capabilities, recognising its potential as an essential creative tool. Check out Mikael's demo for Sonic State.

Once again our team had the incredible opportunity to exhibit at the prestigious NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) Show 2023 in Anaheim, California. This annual event is a mecca for music enthusiasts, professionals, and industry leaders, providing an engaging platform to showcase the latest innovations in music technology. We were beyond excited to introduce our revolutionary product, the FT1, to the world and witness firsthand the impact it made on attendees.

A Wave of Enthusiastic Visitors:

Throughout the four-day event, our booth was swarmed with visitors eager to learn more about the FT1 and experience its innovative technology for themselves. The constant stream of enthusiastic musicians, producers, and industry experts gave us a chance to demonstrate the full potential of FreqTube FT1 and gather invaluable feedback from people who genuinely appreciated its capabilities.

The FT1: A Game-Changer in Music Technology:

For many of the visitors, our innovative FT1 took center stage as one of the most thrilling breakthroughs at NAMM 2023! We are so happy to hear such feedback! FT1's analog capabilities paired with simplicity and user-friendly design generated a real buzz among attendees, and the positive response to the FT1 exceeded our expectations. It is always incredibly rewarding to see your hard work and dedication pay off as producers and industry professionals alike acknowledged the potential for the FT1 to become an essential tool in their creative arsenal.

For a glimpse into the atmosphere at our NAMM 2023 booth, don't miss the video of Mikael, our Sales and Marketing Director, expertly demonstrating the FT1 for Sonic State.

See you next year!

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