June 10, 2024
Freqport launches FreqTube FT1 - Press Release

Freqport presents the world's first platform for analog processing inside your computer - the FT1 FreqTube, a quad-instance analog tube processor. First units now go on sales!

Press Release


Freqport invites you to the new era of analogue music equipment with the launch of the initial product offering, FreqTube. FreqTube is a multi-instance analog plugin containing four discrete tube circuits that operate within digital audio workstations.

Child of collaboration between Australian and Danish specialists, Freqport, is excited to unveil the culmination of audio technology innovation and invites you to the new era of music production that merges the warmth of analog sound with the convenience of digital, streamlining processes. Freqport is on a mission of reinventing the sound processing.

Freqport products are analog hardware processors connected to a computer with USB. The platform facilitates the use of real analog equipment as software plugins and instruments, incorporating them effortlessly inside music software.

Analog plugins create a brand new category of products for musicians, producers and audio lovers.

Freqport has demoed the FT1 FreqTube earlier this year on on SuperBooth in Berlin, and now the first units are going to sale at MSRP 850€.

Freqport has signed the distributor agreement with Audionaut Scandinavia and the first units are already available for purchase. Limited stock is available for immediate deliveries!

Unique solution for the problem

"Most music currently produced requires mathematical equations to generate and process audio. This can make audio sound flat and dull", explains Mikael Dahlgaard, director of sales and marketing.

“We built a platform to get real analog processing into audio software without any of the hassles or limitations that come with connecting and using traditional analog equipment, which was the case up to now", he continues.

"Setting up cabling, figuring out software configuration and audio interfaces, and consistency of reproducing the final output are now problems of the past.”

Freqport Plug and Play - it couldn’t be easier

Just plug  the product in with a single USB cable, power up, open the interface and play. As simple as that. You can, then:

- Record and playback analog parameters.

- Save, store and recall FreqTube settings inside DAW.

- Return to your project later, with no hassle, as the setups remain unchanged between sessions!  

- Touch and feel the creative process with assignable knobs.

Freqport also includes:

- Multi-instance powerhouse VST, AU and AAX plugin with with a perfect virtual representation of the hardware that operates with up to two stereo, or four mono, plugin instances.

- Ultra low-jitter audio synchronization between host and hardware for bit-perfect audio.

- Internal, professional grade, 32bit audio converters running up to 192kHz for transparent audio translation.

freqport FT1 features

A solid, all-metal enclosure, with discrete analog tube circuits including drive and overdrive controls.

Individual dry-wet mixing per channel, in the analog domain and controllable harmonics on each tube, allow the adjustment of even or odd harmonic characteristics.

Internal low-noise, high-voltage generation circuits optimize the tube operating range.

Eight hardware, multi-mode digital filters are further customizable for maximum sonic flexibility.

Assign filters, gain, harmonics,  analog mixm, automate parameters and more with via the FreqTube plugin.

Color display allows maximum flexibility and visualization of controls.

Rack mountable, with our patented rack kit available in early 2023.

FreqTube - solid, reliable and customizable. Reinventing the analog.

For further enquiries or product testing and demonstration, contact info@freqport.com

FreqTube is Patent Pending, contact us for licensing options.

About Freqport

Freqport was founded in 2019 by Principal Electronics Engineers, Musicians, and a Record Label, all gathered around the core mission of reinventing the analog audio experience.

Freqport team, who is passionate about music, with each member having over 20 years of deep knowledge in design and engineering of music products, is very excited to share this innovative technology, a brand new product market category.

Freqport vision has now come to reality, anyone can now run real analog as plugins, easily integrating within own digital workflow, not only for control but with a bit-perfect high-end audio! Analog reinvented!

Freqport has offices in Melbourne, Australia and Copenhagen, Denmark.