Meet FT-1 freqtube
Quad Tube Analog Plugin
Patent Pending
Why we invented Freqport

After many years of refining what is a difficult technical problem, we've developed a platform that makes freqport possible.

Too much Digital

Most music produced now-days uses mathematical equations to generate and process audio.

Analog is a Hassle

Cabling and figuring out how to configure the software and audio interface just got much easier.

Zero Recall

If you want to come back and use your analog kit again later its likely the knobs and setup will be different - this makes it very difficult to replicate the same sound again.


Freqport are reinventing analog through core technology that allows real hardware to run as plugins within your digital workflow - not only for control but with bit perfect high end audio. Simply by connecting USB.

Vacuum tubes to die for:

Four independent tube channels, two tube types, parallel and primary analog processing paths for each channel with true analog mixing.

Bit perfect professional audio:

Supporting up to 192kHz sample-rate with ultra low jitter pro converters built in coupled directly into the analog circuit for optimal performance.

Character Control:

Directly control the harmonics of the saturation from even and odd. Overdrive for more aggressive sound. Eight onboard hardware filters can be enabled to sculpt the sound even further.


Plug & play,
Right on you Mac/PC

Multi-Instance. Run multiple plugin instances at one time anywhere in your digital workflow.

Seamless bit perfect audio transfers into your digital workflow.

Store and recall of all analog parameters - each time you revisityour mix the settings will be the same!

Interface design in colaboration with Resonant Design

Connect to host using only a USB-C cable.

High voltage internal tube driver circuits.

High end pro-grade 32bit converters up to 192kHz sample rate.

2 x E83CC/12AX7 high gain top quality tubes

2 x 12AT7 mid gain preamplifier tubes for softer character.

Selectable overdrive with clipping detection.

Assignable knobs for tactile tweaking of analog parameters.

Analog gain, mixing, drive, phase control and harmonics control.

Primary and parallel multi-mode hardware filters.

Multi-Instance. Run multiple plugin instances at one time anywhere in your digital workflow.

Seamless bit perfect audio transfers into your digital workflow

Recall of all analog parameters - each time you revisit your mix the settings will be the same!

Solid all metal enclosure.

Audio comparison

The following comparison of audio loops compares our hardware device, try it out your self.


A simple system
And easy to install

Every purchase includes the entire Freqport system complete with hardware, the Freqsoft app for Mac, a continuous stream of updates, complete device protection, and exclusive access to Freqport support team.

Available in Limited stock

Be the first one to get your hands on our first edition. Limited units available until sold out.

Free software for all customers

Supporting major DAWs on PC and Mac.
See our list of Supported Systems Here

Technical Specifications


Power Input

24W DC power adaptor
Use only freqport adaptor


Adaptor Mains

100Vac – 240Vac. 50/60Hz.


Ambient Temperature Range

0 to 50C





Pro Converters

120dB DNR 32bit DAC
116dB DNR 32bit ADC



Unit: 205mm x 130mm x 50mm (W x H x D)
Boxed: 350mm x 190mm x 80mm (W x H x D)



Unit: 810g
Boxed: 1.43kg


Control and Inndication

Full Color Display
8 assignable knobs
Power switch


Optional Extras

Rackmount kit

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