Interview with freqtube designer

In this interview, you will hear from qlyde, a music producer who voted the FT-1 as the “Best at NAMM” new product for music production. You will also learn how FT-1 freqtube delivers tube saturation with high-quality converters, low noise floor, and total recall.

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Unveiling the Future of Music at NAMM: Our Experience with FT1

At NAMM 2023, we unveiled our innovative FT1 to the rest of world, and received an overwhelming response from music enthusiasts, professionals, and industry leaders. The event saw a wave of visitors eager to explore FT1's capabilities, recognising its potential as an essential creative tool. Check out Mikael's demo for Sonic State.

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NAMM SHOW 2023 - we are exhibiting! B10805

Visit us at booth 10805 for an opportunity to test freqtube FT1, talk about music and technology, and even win an unit! Join us on April 13-15 in sunny California for an unforgettable music innovation and technology experience. We can't wait to see you there!

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Die Anlaufstelle für Musiker und Musikproduzenten in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz,, hat den FT1 FreqTube getestet und rezensiert. Klangvergleiche sind verfügbar.

Read the full story reviews freqtube FT1, plug-in with tube processor (EN)

The go-to resource for musicians and music producers in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland,, has tested and reviewed FT1 freqtube. Sound comparisons available. (ENGLISH VERSION)

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Add Tube Magic to Your DAW - Audio Masterclass featuring FT1 - Video

David Mellor debates on tubes, DAW and sound quality in this Audio Masterclass lecture that features FT1 freqtube!

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NOW IN THE USA! Freqtube FT1 available at Vintage King Audio!

For 30 years Vintage King has been offering "the finest professional recording equipment in the world", and now, Freqport's FT1 joins the list of finest professional audio recording equipment available in the USA!

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FreqTube Saturation Box Sound Review (A/B Test) - AudioAnimals - Video

In this video Audio Animals Studio reviews "the highly versatile FreqTube saturation box and the kind of sound that can be achieved using it across different audio sources." Video and sound examples!

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Freqtube FT-1 Review - Audio Animals Studio - Video

Audio Animals Studio reviews "the amazing FreqTube saturation box", and concludes it is "one of the best products I have used in a long time"!

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Freqport's innovative Freqtube FT1 featured in SOS Magazine!

Sound on Sound magazine, The World's Best Recording and Music Technology Magazine, has featured the innovative FT1 from Freqport! Read the in-depth test-review in the February issue.

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Using vacuum tubes for more natural sound - why & how

Linear devices like vacuum tubes produce a far more natural sound and provide a much deeper emotional connection to the music. But why is that so? Read about the technology.

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SuperBooth 2022 - Freqtube FT1 pre-order launch

We presented our FT-1 on SuperBooth 2022. Freqport's cutting-edge innovation has stirred the music technology industry and raised quite an interest.

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Freqport launches Freqtube FT1 - Press Release

Freqport presents the world's first platform for analog processing inside your computer - the FT1 Freqtube, a quad-instance analog tube processor. First units now go on sales!

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